Vespa Scooters 1959-1978 Haynes Manual Plus DVD Bundle


Get this amazing bundle at an amazing price! Everything you need to know about the complete maintenance of your Vespa scooter

Vespa Scooters 1959-1978 Haynes Manual

All you want yo know about Repair and Maintenance on Vespa 90, 90 Super Sport, 90 Racer, Primavera 125, 232L2 125, Sportique, Super, GL, Sprint, Rally 180 and Rally 200.

Vespa Engine Rebuild DVD

Watch and follow as Sausage clearly shows you how to remove a Vespa engine from its frame, strip it down to its last nut and bolt and then completely rebuild it, replace it, and start it up!  At over 5 hrs long, this double dvd is broken down into individual chapters and is a must whether you want to learn how to completely rebuild your engine or  simply replace your clutch or top end. Throughout this DVD Sausage uses his 20yrs experience to show you the viewer how to use the correct tools, offering countless tips and helpful hints and showing you how to identify worn parts that need replacing. Again, in stunning digital widescreen, this UK produced quality double DVD is a genuine first that all Vespa owners new or old should not be without.

PAL format only – This dvd can be viewed also in NTSC regions with a compatible system e.g. laptop computer or via a UK DVD.

Vespa Running Maintenance DVD

With over 2 hrs of easy to follow footage, our presenter Sausage uses all of his experience to show you how to maintain and keep your Vespa in top running order. From changing cables to replacing blown bulbs, swapping out flat tyres to offering advice on many topics, this DVD will help you keep your scooter where it belongs – on the road
Based around a P range Vespa, he also takes a look at an older GS model, highlighting differences between the older Vespa models.
This quality product, shot in full digital widescreen.
PAL European Format Only

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