The Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology

The Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology


Paolo Hewitt, celebrated former NME scribe and acclaimed biographer of Steve Marriott, The Jam and Oasis, collects the best ever writing on the original, and peculiarly British, cult of Mod. Hewitt’s hugely readable collection documents the clothes, the music, the clubs, the drugs and the faces behind one of the most misunderstood and enduring cultural movements. Includes hard to find pieces by Tom Wolfe, bestselling novelist Tony Parsons, poet laureate Andrew Motion, disgraced Tory grandee Jonathan Aitkin, Nik Cohn, Colin MacInnes, Mary Quant and Irish Jack.

About the Author

Paolo Hewitt is a writer, broadcaster and journalist whose other books include biographies of Steve Marriott, The Jam, Oasis and Paul Weller.


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