The Lambretta Bible


UPDATED – The Lambretta Bible Covers all Lambretta models built in Italy: 1947-1971 (New Edition) By Pete Davies – 160 pages 250x207mm 192 illustrations.


* Complete model history for each Italian machine
* New, previously unpublished photographs
* Frame number information
* Anecdotal information (where relevant)
* 1960s British dealer specials covered
* Coverage of specially prepared machines from Lambretta Concessionaires
* Full machine specifications and production changes
* Paint code information included
* Publicity & promotional material used where relevant
* Detailed information from dealer special staff and Lambretta Concessionaires staff


An in-depth look at one of the world’s greatest scooter marques, including detailed information on the main Italian-built models, the Lambretta Concessionaires machines and British dealer specials.


An in-depth look at the world’s finest scooter, from the Model A to the GP 200. The Lambretta story doesn’t end there though, with the focus moving onto machines prepared and built by Lambretta Concessionaires. The book ends with a look at the main British dealer specials of the 1960s.

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