Limited Edition – The Complete Spanner’s – Lambretta Kit Book (HARD COVER) with Engine Rebuild DVD

Limited Edition – The Complete Spanner’s – Lambretta Kit Book (HARD COVER)

Limited Edition – The Complete Spanner’s – Lambretta Kit Book (HARD COVER)

A4 format as the Spanner manual for Lambretta – HARD COVER EDITION

372 Pages – Full Colour

  • Do you want a performance kit for your Lambretta but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you interested in how the kits compare on the same dyno, using the same carburettor and exhaust combinations?
  • Would you like to read second opinions on the kits from people who actually ride them and regularly fit them?
  • Do you wonder which of the new breed replacement engines might suit your needs?
  • Would you like comparisons of those exotic engines from someone who has ridden all of them?
  • Are you confused about selecting gearing and drive sprockets to suit a particular kit?
  • Would you like to know more methods and tools to set-up your engine?
  • Do you need engine build tips, kit specifications and torque settings all in one place?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then this is the book for you.

Sticky – author of the best-selling Complete Spanners Manual for Lambretta Scooters – spent two years working on this monster kit compendium. He did this with the help of all the current kit manufacturers, many notable Lambretta specialists and a host of riders who together have covered hundreds of thousands of miles using the various kits.

Sticky uses a wealth of diagrams, photos and humour to bring a technical subject to life and make it easier to understand.

There is simply no better resource about the booming Lambretta kit market.

Before you buy your next kit, buy this book…

Lambretta Engine Rebuild DVD

Lambretta Engine Rebuild Twin Disc DVD. Watch and follow as Sausage clearly shows you how to remove a Lambretta engine from its frame, strip it down to its last nut and bolt and then completely rebuild it, replace it and start it up! At over 7hrs long, this double dvd is broken down into individual chapters and is a must whether you want to learn how to completely rebuild your engine or simply replace your clutch or top end. Throughout this DVD Sausage uses his 20yrs experience to show you the viewer how to use the correct tools, offering countless tips and helpful hints and showing you how to identify worn parts that need replacing. Again, in stunning digital widescreen, this UK produced quality double DVD is a genuine first that all Lambretta owners new or old should not be without. Available in PAL format only. This dvd can be viewed also in NTSC regions with a compatible system e.g. laptop computer or via a UK DVD

Please note:  If you are buying a book to send to Europe, there maybe custom charges to be paid! It may be better and cheaper to buy directly form Scooter Center, SIP, Rimini Lambretta Centre, Jockeys or other stockist.






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