ScooterNova Magazines

Brought to you by some well-known and established scooter riders and writers, ScooterNova is a quality magazine both in content and physical production from a bunch of people with plenty of experience of scooters and writing about them; Andy Gillard and Stuart Lanning are behind the editorial and distribution of ScooterNova.

The magazine is published bi-monthly, A4 in size, 100 pages long and printed on high quality paper, as we feel a quality publication should be in our opinion. “The Rider’s Choice” as ScooterNova is known, focuses on the scooters, the journeys, the travel, the machinery and the rider’s themselves, with no space for adverts about Lambretta cuckoo clocks, electronically reclining chairs for pensioners or ‘comfortable slacks’. Instead, the adverts – and we all know that magazines and newspapers require adverts to survive with an affordable cover price – are related to the content of a scooter magazine as they should be.

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